Katya Muscat

Aerospace Systems Engineer, space/Mars geek, pilot, webdesigner, knitter, photography enthusiast, mom, and much more!

About Me

Occupation: Aerospace Systems Engineer / Freelance web designer

Current locale: Mile High City, USA

How I got here: Originally, I wanted to fly fighters and go to space (still do), but due to poor eyesight, the plans have changed toward commercial aviation. I received a private pilot's license and half a "Professional Flight Officer" degree before deciding to go into engineering for a more stable career. Systems engineering appealed to my jack-of-all-trades interest set and my desire to be involved in multiple disciplines. Now I happily integrate mechanical, electrical, and software systems, while occasionally letting out my creative side by designing websites in my spare time.

Main goal in life: To live on Mars (no, seriously)

Interests: Almost anything and everything - I am the jack of all trades. Most of my knowledge and interest is in the science/technology arena, but there are a few creative hobbies lurking too. Physics holds a special place in my heart, and I plan to obtain a PhD in Astrophysics at some point. Also, I am absolutely obsessed with Mars. Other fun topics/activities include computers, programming, video games, web design, cooking, reading, engineering, astro-anything, geology, math, knitting, baseball, rugby, photography, flying, space, board games, puzzles, mythology, traveling, meteorology, languages, bread boards, science fiction.

What I wish I had more time for: Reading, hiking and being outdoors, knitting

Strengths: Organizing, planning, seeing the big picture, attention to detail, total dedication and investment in projects, perseverance

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