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Crafts > Angel Hair Cardi

angelhaircardi2 550x454 Angel Hair Cardi

My first attempt at a top-down, sleeveless cardigan didn’t go as planned, so I ended up making another. I decided to use bulkier yarn for this one and tried to cast on enough stitches so that it would be wide enough to drape at the front like a proper cardigan. I figured the angel hair yarn was of the perfect amount for this, so after figuring out the sizing on a swatch, I set out with the hope of making a better cardi.

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Crafts > Alpaca Hat

alpacahat2 550x673 Alpaca Hat

I was getting tired of my old hat and the slouchy part, so I wanted to make a warm hat with no slouch. I knew which yarn I wanted to use for it Рthe soft alpaca wool that I made a baby hat with a built-in scarf from. My son outgrew that hat and never really liked the alpaca fibers on his head anyway. Now I just needed the design. After a couple of weeks of searching, I settled on a simple hat with rolled up sides and a scrunched top Рa no-frills hat that would show off the yarn.

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Crafts > Green Waves Cardi

greenwavescardi2 550x650 Green Waves Cardi

I started this project because I had an upcoming short trip to San Francisco and I needed to knit on the plane, in the airport, and while waiting in general. All my other projects at the time were large and cumbersome, so I was looking for something that would take up little space with the yarn I needed. Not too long before that, I found some yarn that I somehow neglected to add to my Ravelry stash, but it was gorgeous and soft and just asking to be knit with. And I only had three skeins of it, so it was perfect to take with me on a trip. I did some research and found the perfect item for the amount of yarn I had: a top-down sleeveless cardigan. So it was settled: I had the yarn, the design, and the needles. I wound the yarn into balls and was ready for the trip.

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Crafts > Arm Knit Scarf

armknitscarf2 550x569 Arm Knit Scarf

The idea for this scarf materialized from seeing one my managers at work sporting a cool-looking arm-knit scarf one day and my brain going “I have to make one of those!” So one night, when I was sick with a bad cough and couldn’t fall asleep, I found the chunkiest yarn I had (leftovers from the Chunky Cabled Vest) and learned to arm knit. It looked easy – you just use your hands as needles, right? So I cast one and even knit a row easily. But what then? I couldn’t turn my right arm to the left side so I could knit the next row. So I tried pulling all the stitches off and moving them to the left arm, but that was just cumbersome.

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Crafts > Fluffy Fingerless Gloves

fluffygloves 550x387 Fluffy Fingerless Gloves

When my son was younger, I made these cute little leg warmers for him from a llama and silk blend yarn that were so soft, fluffy, and warm. Needless to say, he outgrew them fairly quickly, but the yarn was beautiful and expensive, so they just gathered dust in storage because I didn’t want to throw them out and didn’t know what else to use the yarn for. Then during a closet purge, I found them again and pulled them up on my arms. And I realized they were the perfect fit. I thought about using them as wrist warmers, but I still had a skein or so left, so I thought I would use up the yarn and make them into fingerless gloves since my old ones were becoming a bit dingy.

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