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Crafts > Blue Knitted Pants

bluepants1 363x700 Blue Knitted Pants

I love knitting in the round. It’s easier – no sewing seams, no turning – and it looks and feels so much better too – no seams or bumps. So when I needed to make pants, there were going to be zero seams in them. These cool toddler pants also sort of resemble the color of jeans, so it’s easy to pair anything with them. They are also very easy to scale up or down depending on the child.

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Crafts > Jade Cabled Vest

jadevest1a 527x700 Jade Cabled Vest

When my son was only a few months old, I began stocking up on yarn to knit things for him with. I chose soft, delicate yarns in gorgeous colors, made from exquisite materials, and then just stashed everything away, waiting for enough time to knit. That time never came, so at some point, I just decided to make time for knitting because I needed that in my life. The occasional projects that never made it to the season they were intended for was not cutting it anymore. I had to make enough time in my life to knit cute things for my baby.

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Crafts > Valentines for Preschool Kids

vdaybook6 550x346 Valentines for Preschool Kids

This year, my son’s teachers asked every parent to bring in Valentine’s Day gifts for all the kids in his class. They also asked for shoe boxes to use as mailboxes, and they were going to do a valentines exchange by putting the gifts into the mailboxes. I knew what this meant: candy overload. I wasn’t going to leave my kid without gifts to give to his classmates, but I was strongly against giving them even more candy than they were going to get. I also didn’t want to make this an expensive trip to the store.

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Food > Homemade Fried Rice

friedrice5 550x430 Homemade Fried Rice

We used to buy frozen fried rice at the store and eat it on days when I didn’t feel like cooking, usually reserved for the weekends. I never liked the long list of ingredients and the junk they put in there, but it was just soooo good. One day, I inherited a large box of rice from a work lunch where Qdoba was served. The rice was a bit stale and not so great after a few days, so I decided to try to make my own fried rice to breathe new life into it. It worked out perfectly, and the end result was also perfect for freezing, so I always made large portions and froze it in individual packets to give us the same unfreeze-and-heat convenience, but without the nasty additives.

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Food > Chocolate Ice Cream Cupcakes

icecreamcupcakes2 550x493 Chocolate Ice Cream Cupcakes

What is ice cream bread, you say? It’s bread made from ice cream. Literally. This insanely easy recipe that I found inspired me to use up old ice cream that was otherwise not being eaten and make a creative dessert. I asked my mom if she had any ice cream that was taking up a lot of room but maybe wasn’t so great on its own, and she gave me this Dutch Chocolate one that was perfect.

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